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Waxing the area just below the neck to the small of the back including the top round of shoulders, or choose top or bottom half only. 


Full Chest & Stomach - from the collarbone to the top of hip.

For the not so hairy guy, choose the upper chest or nipple and navel option.


From the waist to the top of the hip area or the strip of hair that leads from the belly button to the hips. 


Half Arm - from the elbow to the fingers or the elbow to the top of shoulder.

Full Arm - from the top of the shoulder down to the tip of the fingers.

Under Arm

Removal of the hair under the arms 


Removal of hair from the front or back of the neck.


Removal of hair from the top of your nose or the hairs from the inner rim that tend to stand out. 


Hair removed between the sideburns up to the middle of the forehead. 

Add brows to complete the look 


Hair removed from the ear and around the outside of the inner ear.

Eyebrow Clean Up

Having your brows groomed makes a subtle but welcomed difference in your appearance without compromising your masculinity. 

Schedule a First Wax if you have never been waxed before or if you have a lot of work to be done. Choose Brow Maintenance if you already have your brows shaped and just want them cleaned up. 

Mens Pelvic Area

The Line - waxing 2 inches from the outer area of the groin and a bit off the top. 

Full Frontal - pubic hair removed from the front of the pelvic area and genitals.

The Brazillian - pubic hair removal from the front of body, genitals and between buttocks.

Brazillian with Full Buttocks - everything listed above including the full butt. 


There are many options to choose from. If you are unsure what you are looking for, book the Brazillian with Full Buttocks and we can decide what to remove durring your consultation. 


The Inner Strip - area between the buttocks 

Buttocks - the side and rounds of your bum, leaving the inner hair around the perineum.

Full Buttocks -  removal of hair on the entire backside including the inner perineum. 


Hands - from the base of the wrist to the tip the fingers 

Feet - from the base of the ankle to the toes


Full Leg - from the top of the leg to the toes 

Upper Thigh -  from the top of the leg to the knee

Lower Leg - from the knee to the toes 

Don't see what you're looking for?

Please contact me to discuss and if I can accommodate you we can make it happen! 

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